Boronadu - Nias Island

Darkness brings dullness and nothing grows out of it.

When we first arrived at Sifalago, we had no idea on how to empower this village. The enlightenment came when we were visiting one of the houses. It was night time, dark and no lights. We sat there having conversation in darkness and started to feel dull. Right there and right then, we knew what to do.

We started the solar panel projects in some villages at district Boronadu of Nias, firstly in Sifalago and Tuhegafoa. Hand in hand with the locals, JPCC Foundation installed the solar panels at their homes. Up to this day, this project has also reached another two villages, Siholi and Balohili. Now these villages have enough electricity to turn on the lights by night. We aim to broaden this project to six more villages.

Our objective is to bring forth the light to every village in Boronadu, Nias.

So let there be light, Boronadu!