JPCC Foundation

Jaka Perkasa Citra Cemerlang Foundation is a humanitarian organization. We started as an effort to provide aid during natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods around the city. Gradually, we came to the understanding that it is better to be proactive rather than merely reactive.

Today we are focusing on building people, especially those who live in the remote areas and tend to be forgotten. 

Building people means to see them making a change for better future. We strongly believe that the only way for them to experience such change is by empowering them.  This is manifested through what we are doing in Nias, Kupang, Moluccas & Papua at the present time.

We empower people to change.

Empowered Life

Boronadu - Nias Island

Darkness brings dullness and nothing grows out of it. When we first arrived at Sifalago, we had no idea on how to empower this village. The enlightenment came when we were visiting one of the houses. It was night time, dark and…

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Leti - Southwest Mollucas

Most people in Leti islands work hard to earn money in order to buy motorbikes. Following that, they work harder to fuel the bikes. This cycle of consumerism has been running for ages in the islands.   We came and proposed…

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Oefafi - East Nusa Tenggara

Reluctance is the stereotype of the People of Oefafi, Kupang. Jaka Perkasa Citra Cemerlang (JPCC) Foundation eventually figured out why. Their reluctance is in fact their response towards the absence of rain in their area. They have to travel by foot three…

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