Laitutun Village


Powerful change requires transformation in habit and mindset. Inevitably, change of lifestyle usually prompts inconvenience and hesitancy.

In April 2014, JPCC Foundation visited Laitutun Village in Leti Island, southwest of Moluccas. We surveyed the condition and noticed its narrow roads. Riding motorcycles became a habit out of necessity and a status symbol.  The Laitutuns took pride in motocycle ownership although gasoline prices here are three times more expensive than in the capital, Jakarta.

We proposed bicycles as an alternative to motorcycles. We sent three bicycles along with a waterpump and since October 2014, rode bicycles every time we visit Leti Island. We were trying to send them a message that “modern people ride bicycles”. They bought into this new mindset.

Today, The Laitutuns ride bicycles on their daily activities. They are not only saving money on gasoline, but also developing a new healthy lifestyle. We see many lives transformed through the simple gift of bicycles.