Let There Be Light

In our modern days, we cannot imagine life without light. The light removes darkness and increase life's productivity.

While we are privileged to enjoy the advantages of electricity today, many of those in remote areas experience scarcity. They are only able to have activities during day time. When night falls, darkness closes in. Complete darkness brings dullness. It also paralyzes and kills potentials.

We started the solar home lighting system projects in some villages in Nias, one of them is Tuhegofa. Together with the locals, Jaka Perkasa Citra Cemerlang (JPCC) Foundation installed solar home lighting system in their houses. Solar panel converts sunlight into electricity that can be used for water and light. Men and women contributed by distributing batteries to the houses. Adults learned how to install and kids helped measuring the cables.

Today they have enough electricity to power the water pump during the days and have light during the night.

Our target is to bring light in all villages in Boronadu, Nias.

We empower change in lives through a basic and powerful solution.

So let there be light, Boronadu!